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Danish shortfilm (2014)

Produced at Gammeltoft ApS. with support by Commissioning Editor Marie Schmidt Olesen, New Danish Screen /The Danish Film Institute.

Wayward is a teen drama, about exploring and challenging boundaries in search for identity. Alex’s identity as a tomboy is challenged from within and by her peers. She is 14 years old and her body is undergoing changes, yet she continues to insist on the tomboy identity.

Article in the Danish Filmmagazine – Ekkofilm – including an interview with Kira Richards Hansen about her work with actress Rosalina and the two first productions in the series with her (Damn Girl and Malk de Koijn/musicvideo).

Short Film Review of Wayward by Monica Jowett / UK Film Review

Review of Damn Girl by Monica Jowett / UK Film Review

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PRODUCER Pelle Folmer & Thomas Gammeltoft
DIRECTOR Kira Richards Hansen
SCRIPT Signe Søby Bech

Wayward [Rodløs] is a sequel to Damn Girl (fucking tøs). More info about Damn Girl can be found on it’s website. As it has only been released in cinema and television it’s not available online – but if you’re interested in a screening a cinematic /televised screening can be arranged for. In Denmark it’s available online at Filmcentralen (geoblocked outside denmark).

To the shortfilm Damn Girl, a related musicvideo was shot and produced using and extending the universe of Alex (the leading role). It can be seen at youtube via this link: Malk de Koijn (musicvideo)

The two shortfilms are written and directed by filmmaker duo of Screenwriter Signe Søby Bech and Director Kira Richards Hansen.

For Wayward and Damn Girl the Danish Film Institute, Lisbeth Juul Sibbesen and Ditte Mejlhede have made en extensive educational material

To read more about the title please visit, Nationalfilmografien on, the website of the film or the facebook page of the film.




I am interested in the ambivalent feelings that exist behind the facade. As a teenager, everything is new. There are no tools in place to deal with the new emotions. Everything is intense and overwhelming and sudden outbursts set of reactions, actions and consequences.

None of what happens in the flm, happens out of malice. It happens because the characters lose control over internal forces that explodes into violent acts and stems from hurt feelings, reactions to the feeling of loss of control.


When Alex cut herself, it is an attempt to feel something, to connect with herself.
The intention has been to create an atmosphere, which carries the feeling of ’anything can happen’, where the rhythm of the flm supports and highlights the ambivalent emotions of the characters and in the brief fashes expose inner frailty and make the fear of exclusion visible, all of which exist below the surface. The boundaries between illusion and reality are veiled and actual intentions thwarted and blocked by external actions and words that aim to cover uncertainty.

It is the contrasts between the vulnerabilities and the aggressiveness, which spans the area in between the contradictions that exist between the internal and the outer facade.

Rodløs is about not being able to say how you feel, about wanting to reach out, but not knowing how to. The flm is also about regaining dignity after a self- efacing humiliation, to disclaim the feeling of shame and to achieve recovery by turning self-destructive inward movement of outward self-righting action.

Directors Statement by Kira Richards Hansen



2014 Nordic Panorama, Malmø, Sweden / September / Best Nordic Short Film Award
2015 Mo&Friese ChildrenShortFilmFestival, Hamburg, Germany / June / Freischwinner Award
2015 Festival international Signes de Nuit, Paris, France / November / the NIGHT AWARD
2016 Annapolis Film Festival, Annapolis, USA / March / Jury Award – Best Narrative Short
2016 Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival, Toronto, Canada / May / Scotiabank Award for Best Foreign Film


2014 CPH:PIX, Copenhagen, Denmark / April / Competition + Screening in New Danish Screen program
2014 Buster Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark / September 12th / Screening w.’Fucking Tøs’
2015 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France / January / Selected for the International Competition
2015 BUFF Film Festival Malmø, Sweden / March / Special Programme
2015 Athens International film and video festival, Ohio, United States / April / Official Selection
2015 Cannes Court Métrage, Cannes, France / May / Short Film Corner
2015 Amarcort Film Festival, Rimini, Italy / Official Selection
2015 Urbanworld Film Festival, New York / September / Official Selection
2015 Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Hokaido, Japan / October / Official Selection
2015 Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece / October / Official Selection
2015 Asiana International Short Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea / November / Selected for the International Competition
2015 Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia / November / Selected for the International Competition
2015 International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao ZINEBI, Bilbao, Spain / November / selected for the Informative Section (out of the Competition)
2015 Tirana International Film Festival, Tirana, Albania / October – November / Official Selection
2015 International Bosphorus Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey / November / Official Selection
2015 International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, Poznan, Poland / November / in Competition
2016 Women In Film Shorts Night, Los Angeles, USA / January / Finalist
2016 Online Audience Award at Short of the Year – Autumn edition / January / in Competition
2016 International Festival SIGNS OF THE NIGHT (Signes de Nuit), Bangkok, Thailand / March / Official Selection
2016 The Third Culture Film Festival 2016, Hong Kong, China / April / Official Selection
2016 Skepto International Film Festival, Cagliari, Italy / April / Official Selection
2016 International Film Festival for Children and Youth KINOLUB, Krakow, Poland / June / Official Selection
2016 Arroios Film Festival, Lisboa, Portugal / July / in Competition
2016 IndieCrete Film Festival, Crete, Greeece / August/ in Competition
2016 Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland / September / Official Selection
2016 West Nordic International Film Festival, Norway / October / Official Selection
2016 Ekko Shortlist Awards 2016, Denmark / November / Nominated
2017 Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, India / August / Selected non competative screening



Rosalina Krøyer
Frederik Winter Rasmussen
Ashcon Hamedi Nejad
Anne Sofie Espersen
Gerard Carey Bidstrup
Mustapha Chouaikhi
Julius Sigurd Heilmann
Christian Kajbjerg Konradsen
Anton Fogt Pedersen
Chako Khoshabroo
Oliver Methling Søndergaard
Rached Guerchich
Thomas Biehl

Kira Richards Hansen

Script by
Signe Søby Bech


Pelle Folmer
Thomas Gammeltoft

Brian Curt Petersen

Dorrit Andersen

Production Designer

Heidi Plugge

Sound Design
Rune Sand

Composer / Original Score

Martin Juel Dirkov

Torben Brent Wenneberg

Anders Barlebo

Production Manager
Kim Hansen

Lighting technician
Noah Lynnerup
Niclas Fusager

1. assistant camera
Mads Hoppe Jørgensen
Kenneth Skovgaard Clausen

2. assistant camera
Julie Mørch Honoré

Property master
Tine Lylloff

Julie Hennecke Hartmann

Charlotte Faaborg

Special Makeup effect artist

Kim Olsson

Paula Oropeza
Chris Barker
Allan Degn

Anita Boesgaard

Casting & Coach
Jette Termann

Executive Producer
Martin Kildegaard Hem

Alisha Andersen
Amanda Hill Andersen
Anna Elling Buhl
Casper Jan Winther Lagerbon
Dalia Zahle
Emilia Langkjær
Freya Svejdal
Isabell Westermann
Julius Tuxen
Magnus Bojsen-Møller
Nicole Nielsen
Rebekka Tekla
Rose Rolandsen
Sasha Littell
Sophie Marie Munck
Thea Andersen
Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt

Anders V. Christensen

Visal Effects
Slowmotion fx

Ian Bach
Tine Nikali
Ejner Fergo

Foley studio
H5 Film Sound OY Ltd.

Foley artist
Heikki Kossi

Foley recordist
Pietu Korhonen

Offline edit

Kong Gulerod Film ApS.

Camera Equipment
Red Rental ApS.

Lighting Equipment
Filmgear ApS.

Sound Equipment/studie

Nordisk Film Audio

Written & performed by Felix de Luca
Produced by Aksel Toft & Esben Thornhal

”Physical Fraction”
Performed by Trentemøller Written by Trentemøller
P & C 2005 Audiomatique Recordings
Published by Anders Trentemøller Administered by Ed. Babelfish / Freibank

Thank you
Mette Heeno
Dorte Høeg Brask
Caroline Schlüter Bingestam
Oliver Ussing
Mille Haynes
Signe Mynborg
Line Nikita Blom
Dennis Albrethsen
Anders Bredmose
Mette Sønderskov Sørensen
Anders V. Christensen
Thordis Hofdahl
Nikolaj Hjelm Kaplan
Martin Høgsted
Magnus Millang
LS Auto v. Jan Pallisgaard Sørensen
Berling Autolakering v. Jimmy Berling
Frisør K v. Jannie Henningsen
Fxteam v. Christian Kitter
Lars Lethin
Klubben Thomas P. Hejle
Kevin Bendix
Lergravsparkens Skole
Kevin Murphy Hair products

Produced by

with support by

New Danish Screen v. Projektredaktør Marie Schmidt Olesen