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Faroese / Danish short (2021)
Produced by 1606 ApS. & Symphor Film

A migrating bird returns to the Faroe Islands.

Teitur left the Faroe Islands as an ambitious teenager who wanted to find a better place to make music. He knew that there was another world with people like him who wanted to play music. After many years as an international musician, he feels a strong need to be in a place where he feels at home and returns to his native land.

This film brings us right next to Teitur as he returned to the Faroese Islands, to record his 5th international album with the help and hands of local people, their traditions, talents and the sounds of the islands.

After a long and successful music career abroad, Teitur returns back to his home country Faroe Islands populated by only 50.000 inhabitants. His goal is to create an album with local musicians, many of them as amateurs. In his search for the style for the album he realises that he has been longing for the simple things in the culture of his native country.

PRODUCERS Franklin Symphor Henriksen & Pelle Folmer
DIRECTOR Kristian Troldborg Sønderby
EDITOR Emil Gundersen

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2021 Geytin, Faroe Islands / February / Official Competition