Teitur – Live at the harbour

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A touching and beautiful concert film with Faroese singer/songwriter Teitur, starring Eivør, Disa and Herfølge Girlschoir.


Duration: 28 min 30 sec
Spoken language in film: Danish, English
Performers: Teitur (FO), Eivør (FO), Disa (IS), Herfølge Girls Choir (DK)
Shoot date: September 2015
Completion date: June 2016
Songs: Walkin up a Hill, Gone Fishing, Antonio and his mobile phones, Hard Work, Op ad højen, Home
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A concertfilm recorded at the harbour in Copenhagen, Denmark with Faroese singer/songwriter Teitur – starring Faroese singer Eivør, Icelandic Disa and Herfølge Girlschoir.

The film starts before the actual concert and introduces the scenery before dusk as the concert is played on a boat next to the Northatlantic House in Denmark that represents Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland in Copenhagen. Teitur plays and interacts with the audience in different forms as he performs six songs of his own.

Teitur opens by singing his own song : ‘Walkin up a Hill‘ and it is followed by ‘Gone Fishing‘ an epic about the nature of being part of a hunters culture rather than farming – and it’s explained humorously by himself beforehand. ‘Antonio and his mobile phones‘ is sung and played by Teitur with musical inspiration from African music -and the audiences is interacting as they all play along on their mobile phones twice throughout the song. ‘Hard Work‘ is accompagnied by four folkdancers introducing the dance along with Teitur – and everybody is dancing as the song is sung and played. Next Icelandic singer Disa and a girls choir joins in and the audience is singing along a Danish interpretation of ‘Walkin up a Hill‘ as a christian psalm. And finally the surprise of famous singer Eivør is introduced by Teitur as she enters the stage boat and they make an emotional performance as they sing and play ‘Home‘ together.

Teitur Photo: Cecilia Samsson


Producer Pelle Folmer
Cinematogapher Signe Tora Munk Bencke
Editor Dorrit Andersen
Sound design & re-recording Mix Morten Folmer Nielsen
Colourist Ricco Højland Hansen
Camera Operator Dalin Waldo, Jan Bastian and Thomas Dyrholm
DIT Noa Victor Vedde
Sound recordist Mikkel Munk Appel
Assistant editor Ditte-Marie Lessel
Graphic design Studio Rabies
Stage design Ulysses Bloch
FOH sound Jonas Bloch
Fundraiser Ann-Christina Salquist
Concept and event management Louise S. Lessel
Eventdirector Kristian Troldborg Sønderby
Production company 1606 interactive
Music & Lyrics Teitur Lassen
Artists Teitur starring Eivør, Disa and Herfølge Girlschoir
Publisher Arlo & Betty Records

All footage recorded at the event/concert in Copenhagen on September 20th 2015 arranged by 1606 interactive, co-produced with Nordatlantens Brygge as part of Golden Days Festival 2015.

The event/concert was kindly supported by Drost Fonden, Tórshavnar Kommuna, Københavns Kommune, and Norðurlandahúsið.

Many thanks to all involved in the event/concert.

Teitur Photo: Cecilia Samsson


2018 Inshort Film Festival / Lagos, Nigeria / Official Selection

2016 Bogotá Music Video Festival, Colombia / November / Official Selection
2016 IndiWise IndustryBoost / November / Finalist